How to Quickly View % Fees on Shopee, TikTok, Lazada Order Lists

The fees of the platforms range from x to xx%, therefore it is crucial to monitor the platform fees as they directly impact your profits. However, in order to see what percentage the fees represent of the order value, ecommerce platforms often require sellers to click on each order and then click on details to view the amount, rather than converting it into a percentage for you.

To view the platform fee %, simply connect your Shopee, Tiktok, Lazada  to Ship Xanh and remember to enable order synchronization. Once done, you can easily see the percentage displayed in the order list or directly on the Seller Center  of each platform.

In order to view the seller fee percentage on Shopee’s platform as shown in the image below, you need to install the Ship Xanh extension on your computer. Once installed, you will see Ship Xanh appear in the bottom left corner. Simply click on it to log in.

Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest benefit of watching % fees is what?

You will be able to easily estimate the remaining profit after deducting expenses. Additionally, you will also be able to see if the shipping costs are being inflated

I want to see the percentage fees of TikTok and Lazada?

You need to wait for a week to see the percentage fees on TikTok and Lazada platforms. Check in the list of delivered orders, as shown in the illustration below. Unlike Shopee, where you can see it immediately when the order is placed. Don’t hesitate to contact Ship Xanh if you can’t see the percentage fees and need assistance

Instructions for viewing the % of Tiktok and Lazada platform fees

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