How to copy competitors’ listings on Tiktok shop

When using Ship Xanh, you can not only copy your own shop’s listings for the purpose of cloning your shop or transferring them to another platform, but you can also use Ship Xanh to copy competitors’ listings.

Note: Compared to copying listings from your own shop (recommended), this method will not retrieve the weight and dimensions of the listings. However, don’t worry, Ship Xanh’s AI will attempt to fill them in for you.

With just the listing link, you can easily copy that listing to your shop (see how to get the listing link on TikTok Shop) using one of the following two methods:

Method 1: Open the listing copying page on Ship Xanh, then click the “Copy from other people’s Tiktok” button. Next, paste the listing links and click the “Save” button.

This is an example, copy 2 listings from 2 links . Remember to select the platform you want to publish to in section number 2

Method 2: On your computer, add the Ship Xanh extension to your web browser if you haven’t already. Then, open the TikTok Shop product link you want to copy in that browser. At this point, simply select the platform you want to publish to, and then click Save as shown in the illustration below

In the illustration: Copying listings from other users’ TikTok shops using the Ship Xanh extension on Chrome.

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