How to list products on tiktok shop without being reviewed

Why is the product on Tiktok shop reviewed?

This is because the product image contains a phone number or a website, fix this by changing the number to text, a quick tip is to fix it with Ship Xanh software. Ship Xanh also automatically corrects the description, removes the forbidden word before listing

The photo on the left will be rejected by Tiktok, and the photo on the right will be approved immediately after using Green Ship to correct it, it will be fixed directly on Ship Xanh very quickly, it only takes a few seconds, see instructions
Sau khi đổi số 6 thành chữ thì sẽ được duyệt

Sau khi bôi đen số điện thoại trên biển quảng cáo thì sẽ được duyệt

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